Constable 027

Meet an ordinary officer with an extraordinary story.

Llanden has been a police officer for barely six weeks, and although he is prepared to dedicate his life to the service, is the service prepared to accept his way of life? A portrait of an officer beginning his journey in a profession coming to grips with a multicultural society.

The Zebras of Jack Tizard

Introducing the remarkable children of the Jack Tizard School.


Commissioned by the BBC in 2008, this 6-minute documentary is a portrait of five profoundly disabled children who transcend their condition with an interest in the world around them. Supported by their parents and charismatic teachers, their lives are unconventional and inspirational.

Illuminating Small Dark Places

Go behind the scenes of a BBC Three film.


Commissioned by BBC Three in 2007 alongside the drama Small Dark Places, this 21-minute documentary follows a group of filmmakers from preproduction to premiere. A great introduction to what goes on behind the camera.

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